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Aerohive Wireless Solutions for Cloud-Enabled Networking

Cloud enabled networking is leveraging cloud services to achieve IT efficiencies not possible with classic network architectures. It enables enterprises to increase capacity without having to make capital investments in additional servers, storage, and networking infrastructure. It provides flexibility and scale, helping enterprise IT boost the utility of their resources, increase their agility to meet business needs, expand their reach, and reliably support users around the world.

Benefits of a cloud-enabled approach:

  • Lowers the budgetary point of entry - moves capex to opex
  • Enables automatic backup, and simple provisioning
  • Requires no rack space or power consumption - a green solution
  • Provides inherent high-reliability (resilient data centers)
  • Accelerates easier and faster support - can manage from anywhere
  • Lets you start small and expand gradually
  • Increases network flexibility to provide robust network services anywhere, on-demand
  • No forced upgrades - upgrade your network devices and cloud platform on your schedule

Cloud-Enabled Networking

The Aerohive Cloud Services Platform is a globally distributed, cloud-based infrastructure that leverages our patent-pending Cloud Proxy technology and Aerohive’s own HiveManager Online SaaS to seamlessly integrate a set of partner SaaS and IaaS applications with your corporate network architecture to form the basis for Aerohive’s unique cloud-enabled network capabilities.

Unlike alternative solutions, failures in the WAN link or cloud-deployed controller (for Wi-Fi), do not impact the ongoing operation of the LAN or WLAN. This is because data does not go to the cloud to have control or policy enforcement functions such as authentication, roaming and QoS carried out. Together with an intelligent distributed network architecture and state-of-the-art 802.11n access points and VPN routers, Aerohive provides a cloud-enabled networking solution that is the simplest, most reliable, most flexible, most scalable, and most cost effective in the industry.

Network Management via Private or Public Cloud

Unique to the industry, Aerohive’s HiveManager NMS is a SaaS solution can also be deployed on-premise, in your own virtualized datacenter infrastructure. This approach allows you to get many of the benefits of HiveManager Online, in your own infrastructure. You can even use Aerohive’s public infrastructure to simplify access point provisioning, while still hosting HiveManager on-premise, and you can migrate between online and on-premise at any stage of your deployment.