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Atom AP30 Wireless Access Point

3-Pack: The Aerohive Atom AP30 is the industry's first pluggable enterprise access point designed for instant, continuous, and adaptable client and IoT connectivity.
Manufacturer: Aerohive Networks

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The Aerohive Atom AP30 is the industry's first pluggable enterprise access point designed for instant, continuous, and adaptable client and IoT connectivity.

3 pack Atom AP30 access/mesh points, dual radio 802.11ac/n with client mode support, 1GE for backhaul/bridge, BLE, integrated Type A/B US-Compatible power plug. FCC regulatory domain. Includes HiveManager Connect and HiveCare Community

Atom can be quickly and conveniently plugged into any US power socket, and network connected via mesh or existing Ethernet data points enabling faster deployments, reduced cabling and installation costs, and flexible network access in any location.

AP30 is ideal for plugging Wi-Fi dead zones, extending corporate connectivity, connecting temporary locations, or as a sensor or overlay network for data and analytics. Optional security bracket (sold separately).

Atom AP30 revolutionizes the Access Point form factor and deployment model by leveraging power sockets for powering the access point and a choice of ethernet or mesh technology for data backhaul.

The simple and intuitive design coupled with pain-free installation and zero touch setup makes Atom AP30 the ideal choice for a variety of use cases. Atom AP30 is powered by IEEE 802.11ac technology for client connectivity and backhaul with the added benefit of an Ethernet port, which can be used to provide IP connectivity to neighboring wired devices and BLE for IoT applications.

Atom AP30 can be deployed as a complete access solution or in combiniation with Aerohive’s extensive Wi-Fi portfolio for high density networks.

  • Automated out-of-the-box provisioning
  • Full-featured enterprise access point in new compact design
  • Multiple operating modes for instant network access and sensor services
  • Replace or augment traditional ceiling and wall-mounted access points

Solving Real World Problems

Plug Wi-Fi Dead Zones - Atom AP30 instantly extends coverage and capacity to challenging areas or connectivity blind spots. Atom can be temporarily installed if additional coverage is required for only a period of time, and re-organized if building layouts change without costly re-cabling or installation.

Reduce Network Cabling and Installation Costs - For organizations with a wealth of spare power and data outlets, Atom AP30 makes it easy  to re-use existing infrastructure for lower cost and simplified rollouts.

Bridge IoT Devices - Acting as a hub, Atom AP30 makes it simple and secure to connect Wi-Fi and Ethernet-based IoT devices and  sensors.

Extend Corporate Connectivity for Teleworkers - Equipped with a L2 VPN client, Atom AP30 can easily extend connectivity for remote workers on the go or at home.

Connect Temporary Locations or Kiosks - Temporary areas, events, or kiosks can gain network access with minimal effort.